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Edvancers are people who move education forward.

They are reflective, supportive and creative. They are dedicated, educated and motivated. They try new things, and aren’t afraid to fail. In short, Edvancers are our vanguard, the ones out on the cutting edge of education, asking questions, taking risks and clearing a path for the rest of us.

And is where you get to hear from them.

Each episode, host Seth Dimbert speaks to one of these remarkable people, discussing their work, passions, successes and failures… and you’re invited to listen in. Then, once you’ve heard the initial conversation, you can head over to our Discussion Forum where the conversation continues. Each episode’s guest will moderate a discussion of the issues they raise, answering your questions and responding to your feedback.

All of the interviews will remain archived on the site and you can subscribe to the podcast feed so you’ll always know when Seth has interviewed another Edvancer..

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